Akon and Audiodax

I know today’s mashup monday and  there’ll be a post later with some mashups but I had a few songs from the past couple of days that I really wanted to post up so that you guys could have them.

The first two are new songs with Akon in them which are realllly solid and are starting to get over the radio so I figured I’d put them up before they started blowing up too much. The first is called Once Radio and features David Guetta and has a classic Guetta beat with Akon over the top putting together a song much like Sexy Bitch, but a little more Chill. Next is Better than Her which is a Matisse song fetauring Akon. Like many songs that “feature” Akon, he’s very prominent on it and the two work very well off  of each other putting together a really catchy dance type song. Really like both of these so give’m a listen.

Last is a song by Audiodax, who you may remember from thier mixtape The Annexation which was one of my favorite mixtapes of the summer. This one is called Thoughts and is pretty good, with an electro beat. It has a really catchy beat and it grows on you every time you listen to it so give it a chance. Mashups later, Enjoy!

Download: Once Radio, Akon ft. Guetta

Download: Better than Her, Matisse ft. Akon

Download: Thoughts, Audiodax


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