I’ve been hearing a lot of covers and remixes lately by some of my favorite artists and some that are just really impressive so figured I’d share those with you in an early morning update.

First is PJ Simas who is quickly earning my respect. I remember when haas first asked me to listen to him, I said I’d like him a lot more if he had two black eyes because he’s a little too pretty to be an artist. However, he’s started a Back to School Remix Series where he’s covering/remixing a popular song each week, and I am very impressed. He does a great remix/cover of Dynamite by Taio Cruz, and this week he dropped a remix of Nelly’s Just a Dream. I loved the original when I heard it on TCO a couple months ago and now it’s really starting to blow up. If you haven’t heard the original yet, Nelly is dropping some serious truth bombs so you can download it at the link above. Anyways, definitely listen to the PJ Simas Remixes, they’re REAL good.

Next is a RAC Remix of John Legend’s, Everbody Knows. I’ve had it for a while but just never listened to it, choosing to listen to some of the other ones like their Kings of Leon remix. However, now that I have listened I was very impressed. Nice and chill just like the original song but now with a little more beat on it which I really like. Nothing really more to say than give it a listen and see if you like it better than the original.

Next is a Hotel California cover by Aaron Fresh which has a looot of the song in it so I’m gonna call it a remix. I love the original by the Eagles so when he used it in the song I almost didn’t care what part he had on the song, just so long as I got to hear the Eagles again. He doesn’t do a bad job, not messing too much with the original song which is great to see. If you like the original give it a listen!

Last you’re gonna get an original song that you’ll hear  on the radio in a couple weeks, guaranteed. It’s called Krazy and it’s by Detail featuring…. Ke$ha! Now I don’t know how you feel about her, but she seems to keep getting herself on catchy mainstreamy songs which is doing good things for her career, despite her lack of talent. Regardless, this is a catchy tune that will catch on you every time you hear it, much like her other songs. Enjoy!!

Download: Just a Dream (Remix), PJ Simas

Download: Light it Up (Dynamite Remix), PJ Simas

Download: Hotel California (Cover), Aaron Fresh

Download: Everybody Knows (RAC Remix), John Legend

Download: Krazy, Detail ft. Ke$ha


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