Seasons of Chill

With only one week until I get to go back to AA for a reunion, I’m trying to chill out and relax before we rage hard. As a result of that, and the slow summer day, I’ve been listening to a lot of chiiiill music today so that’s what I’ll throw up on this post so you guys can do the same.

First is a pretty good mashup that combines Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love” and the song from Rent “Seasons of Love” (I think?) for a nice chill song. There are a few awkward parts of it, but I love the Rent song’s piano part so it grew on me fast. Good work by The Friendly Giant.

Next is a candlelight/acoustic cover of his song Dynamite by Taio Cruz. It’s him singing acoustics over a guitar which reminds me a lot of the Jay Sean and Jason Derulo candlelights that haas previously posted. Reaaaally chill, and since I love the original I’m obligated to love this one too.

Next is a remix by the Five One of a Death Cab for Cutie song called What Sarah Said. I listened to a little DeathCab in High School but haven’t listened in a while so this was a nice flashback for me, really like what they’ve done w/ the song and it fits the mold of a solid chill song to relax to.

Last is called Radio by Chris Akinyemi which has a really solid chill guitar beat with relaxing vocals. He does a good job calling out the radio industry talking about how he’s been born to keep the music alive. I really like what he says and it’s a good song regardless of whether you agree with him or not so definitely give it a listen. Enjoy!

Download: Crazy and Deranged, The Friendly Giant

Download: Dynamite (Acoustic), Taio Cruz

Download: What Sarah Said (Death Cab), The Five One

Download: Radio, Chris Akinyemi


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