Love The Machine

I will start with something you know.  From The Chill Summer Mixtape: Back To School Edition is Reinvention with Forgot (ft. Florence + The Machine).  The reason I am trowing this in here is because one, I love this song, but also I wanted you to see how they have worked the original song and you can hear them side by side.  Florence + The Machine provide the sample from her song ‘Swimming’ which really is a reallll nice indie song with very talented female vocals and real nice instrumentals.  I have also really fallen in love with Florence + The Machine and came to realize that I had a very smooth remix of thier song You’ve Got the Love by The xx.  This song was featured on KiD CuDi’s song sampler from his show ‘How To Make It In America’ last summer and with the combo of one of my favorite new indie groups being remixed by one of my favorite older indie groups I really love this song.   Very chill beat, nice vocals…. real easy to throw on and just chill to.  ENJOY!

Reinvention – Forgot (ft. Florence + The Machine)

Florence + The Machine – Swimming

Florence + The Machine – You’ve Got the Love (The xx Remix)


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