Mashup… Wednesday?

I know I know, it’s been a while since we’ve done a Mashup Monday, and I’m sorry for that. However, I have a bunch of mashups that I’m gonna post right here and a few more to wait till Monday so I promise the wait will have been worth it. First is the debut Mixtape from new mashup artist, the Mashochist called “The Mashmaticians.” Most of the time when you get someone’s first attempts at mashups it winds up being pretty unimpressive, however, in this case I was pleasantly surprised. He really did a good job with the majority of the songs, mixing songs that fit really well together in a tasteful manner. The best ones are Much About Dre, Dead Rockstar 101, Roc Juice, and Nothin’ on Love so definitely give them a listen and if you like it give the rest of the tape the same.

Another mashup is by Mochi Beats called Forever Impossible which is reaallly good. Mochi Beats always puts together good songs and this is no exception, combining Two Door Cinema Club, Drake, IYAZ and Shontelle. It flows really well and all the songs work perfectly so it’s a pretty flawless mashup.

For the final mashup I have a DOSVEC, who puts together Eminem’s Not Afraid and Owl City’s Fireflies. I know, you wouldn’t think those two would work but they actually do, and all without the annoying fireflies beat!! (I like the fireflies beat but I know a lot of people don’t). Anyway, I listened to DOSVEC’s new 2 part album, and honestly wasn’t a fan so I’m not gonna post it, but this isn’t part of it and in my opinion is better than anything on the album so here ya go. As always, Enjoy!!

Download: Mashochist, The Mashmaticians (Click Buy Now, you can enter $0 so it doesn’t cost anything unless you want it to)

Download: Forever Imp0ssible, Mochi Beats

Download: Not Afraid of Fireflies, DOVSEC (Right Click, Save as to Download)


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