Catch Up

Again.. been a long week, had to “work” 51 hours this week which included going to a Cubs game and golfing.. so it’s not like I was working hard. Here are a bunch of songs that have piled up that should keep you busy until Mashup Monday.

First is a song by Sonny (Dean’s List) called American Woman. He remixes the original song American Woman and raps over it with a little alteration to the beat. Classic Sonny, good lyrics with a little bit of a goofy feel to it, if you like the Dean’s List and the other songs we’ve posted you’ll like this one.

The next one is called “She’s Got Her Ways” and is by Jefferson ft. Na Palm. Haas posted the new Na Palm album (Dirty Girls like Dirty Beats) a couple of weeks ago and although it wasn’t exactly what I expected it still had pretty solid beats ( like the name implies). Anyway, I like the beat on this song better than almost all of the ones off of the album so if you liked that post definitely give this one a listen. Chill song with a solid beat and gooooood verses. Since I’ve started writing this I’ve listened to it another three times and it gets better every time.

Next is a song off of Mac Millers new mixtape Kids, called “Don’t Mind if I Do.” I haven’t gotten a chance to listen to the whole mixtape but if it is as good as this one song I’ll be pleasantly surprised. Don’t Mind if I Do samples Fireflies by Owl City which you either hate or you love.  I’m in the boat that loves Fireflies so I love this song. Even if you don’t like the original, take a listen to the song. It’s a tasteful sample with some alterations done to it so it’s not as…. annoying? Mac has a real good flow and does a good job on the track .

G- Riot is a new artist to me, and I listened to a few of his songs and came away really impressed. “Moony” has a really good piano beat which I really like and “Come See” has more of a chill beat to it but on both G- Riot impresses me with his flow and verses. These two were my favorite out of the few that I listened to so hopefully he keeps it up and impresses in the future.

Last is “In My Zone” by Darren Hanible which is a really catchy w/ a catchy hook despite having a slightly annoying beat at points. I really like the verses on this song and like some of the others I usually post, it gets better every time you listen to it. Enjoy!

Download: American Woman (Remix), Sonny Shotz (Deans List)

Download: Don’t Mind if I Do, Mac Miller

Download: Moony, G-Riot

Download: Come See, G-Riot (Right Click to download)

Download: In My Zone, Darren Hanible


One response to “Catch Up

  1. g-riot is literally amazing. those two songs are dope. i like street smarts too.

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