Sorry for the lack of posts this week.. it’s been a little busy with travelling and working but should be on a more regular schedule this week. Here’s a new artist, Khleo who I ran into a little earlier this month. In deciding what to come back with today I listened to a few things and loved a few songs without looking at what they were… and 2 of them were by him so here he is. Apparently Khleo is Khleo Thomas.. who played Zero in the movie Holes. I read the book but never saw the movie but never saw the movie so that was news to me. Anyway, despite being an actor when he was younger, he’s fully pursuing music now and I like what he’s doing. He has a really good voice for hip hop and does a good job rapping over good beats. I’m gonna post all four of his songs that I have but I REALLY like Juicy and Save Your Love so definitely download those. If you like his sound, I’d recommend downloading his other two, Feel Good Music & For You which have good verses but the beats aren’t as catchy. Juicy is a must download so give him a listen and Enjoy!

Must Download: Juicy, Khleo

Download: Save Your Love, Khleo

Download: Feel Good Music, Khleo

Download: For You, Khleo


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