Weekend Songs

I’m lucky enough to be hanging out in Chicago so I’m not gonna be posting anything this weekend so here are a few songs to tide you over until the weekend’s over. First is “Goodbye” by Shawn Collins which is a good hip hop song with a good chill beat, that I happened to steal from Haas on his other blog, so thanks for that bud. He has a really good voice which creates a really chill beat but it has a little pick up on the hooks which are catchy. Pretty slow flow, but it’s a solid song that you won’t turn off once you start listening.

Next is a remix of  “In For the Kill” by La Roux which was featured in the ending credits of entourage this past week. I know, it’s two weeks in a row stealing from HBO, but the songs are good and it the episodes are starting to get better also so figured I’d return the favor. La Roux goes with a slower beat and a strooong female vocal over it which works really well here for a good chill/backround song. I love it so keep it up HBO 2/2 the past couple of weeks.

“Mother Nature (Remix)” by Lyfestile is another chill rap with a good beat which includes some sounds that make it sound like someone is playing a harp which I like. I’m one for unique beats that incorporate more than just synthesized sounds and this is a pretty cool beat with some good verses about smoking & thanking mother nature for being able to.

Last is a much more up tempo song with much more of a party feel to it. “Written in the stars” by Tinie Tempah has a GOOOOOD beat and he has a little British touch on his voice which gives him a unique sound on his verses. This is more of an uptempo/mainstream type song that I could definitely see on the radio, but for now you get to impress all of your friends with it first. As always have a good weekend and Enjoy!

Download: Goodbye, Shawn Collins

Download: In for the Kill (Remix), La Roux

Download: Mother Nature (Remix), LyfeStile

Download: Written in the Stars, Tinie Tempah


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