Today had the hottest heat index of the past four years in Chicago today, so working outside wasn’t too fun. Until I got to take off for the weekend at noon (gotta love 4 day work weeks) and then go the new iphone. Needless to say today has been a very good day and I’ve gotten a chance to catch back up on music again which is nice. Today is another mixtape this time from an artist named Olu called “Boy meets world.” Olu is a real good hip hop artist and he does a good job of sampling a lot of different songs on this mixtape. I like it when artists sample songs and give them a little different feel with some verses that are more personalized towards their styles and personalities. This is no different, you’ll probably recognize a decent amount of the beats he uses but make sure you listen to what he says, because I think he does a really good job with his verses. Some of my favorites are Sing my Name, Don’t Let me Go, Far Away, I Got It and Daylight. I think I might just like these ones because he samples some of my favorite songs but regardless they’re good listens. This mixtape doesn’t have the finished feel that the Bei Maejor one had but it grows on you as you listen to it more and more which I’ve gotten a chance to do the past couple of days. Enjoy!

Written In The Air

Don’t Let Me Go

Download: Boy Meets World, Olu


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