Carlos St. John

It’s been a busy couple days of work so I’m gonna put something up again that I’ve put aside for a rainy day.. even though today was 1oo degrees. I’m posting Carlos St. John’s album called The St. John Portfolio which is a good hip hop album with good beats with a slight electro feel to them. He does a good job getting establishing flows in his songs which gets you hooked almost instantaneously and gives him a chance to develop his songs a little bit. I don’t know if you noticed but I’m pretty big on chill hip hop tracks with good beats and lyrics that really speak to you. This mixtape is no expection with some of my favorite songs being “Look in the Mirror” which has a nice vocal component to it which I always like, “Strings in the Backround” which has a more upbeat feel to it, and “Happy” which has a cool little electro beat combined with an… interesting flow, and a good vocal chorus also. Enjoy!

Breathe Again


Download: The St. John Portfolio, Carlos St. John


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