Kid Russell

So I know today is Monday, but we’ve put up a lot of mashups recently and I’ve had a good mixtape that I’ve been sitting on for awhile because I’ve had other things. However, no time better than now. The mixtape is called “Backyard Heroes” and is by Kid Russell. For me it covers everything I look for in an album. It has good beats with good vocals and keeps changing it up. There are slow songs that are more chill and then there are more uptempo songs that have you nodding your head so it keeps you entertained and interested throughout. He also tries to do a few things with a guitar which.. I’m ehh about. After Lil Wayne’s attempt at a rap/rock album, I’ve been very hesitant to listen to any songs like that, but the few times Kid Russell does, they’re not overly obnoxious so take it or leave it. It’s only a few songs so if you’re not into it you can just hit next and come across some of the better ones..

One of my favorite songs is called Backyard Heroes. With today being the first day of Spring Practice for our football team and with the season opener (and accompanying reunion) quickly approaching, this song gets me excited. It’s has a real good summer feel to it and Kid Russell basically tells a football about growing up playing football, and with the summer ending and football coming I really enjoyed it.  Another good one, albeit a more chill song with a somber message, is Dear Shooter. Like I said it’s a little slower but it shows his versatility and the things he says makes you realize how good of a rapper he is. Also, check out She Feels Like Home and E. Northe Avenue. They have more of a summer feel but a little more up tempo which I like. Enjoy!

Backyard Heroes: Kid Russell


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