Chillin on a Summer Day

Nice couple of songs for  a Sunday afternoon of just chilling outside here in the (always) beautiful weather of Ann Arbor. Haas actually might be dead after last night so I’ll pick it up for now and give him a chance to recover haha. Anyway, the first song is called “Extra Hard” by Rico Love and it’s an good chill electro-ish song. It has a real simple but solid beat which is what I prefer when it comes to this new Elector/Rap genre. It’s produced by David Guetta so it’s put together well and real easy to listen to. With some good vocals, it’s a little more uptempo for a chill song but it’s definitely not a party song so I’ll call it chill.

The next song is another simple and chill song, this time a mashup. It’s called Nothin’ on Snoop and combines some Snoop over “Nothing on You” by BOB. Much like Nothing on You, this song is really chill and they kept it simple which is nice to see every now and a while. Everyone is trying to throw together ridiculously complex mashups and sometimes the best ones are easy to do.

Finally is “Say Yeah” by JY ft. XV and Michael Charles.  I listen to almost anything that XV works on so I gave it a listen and it’s reallll good.  Has a good hook and solid verses which come together for a good song. Like the other songs today it’s pretty chill so you’ll probably sit back outside close your eyes and just listen much like I am right now.  There’ll be a good mixtape later so check back for that, but for now it’s time to go find out if haas is still alive. Enjoy the beautiful weather wherever you’re at and as always enjoy the music!

Extra Hard: Rico Love

Nothin’ on Snoop: BOB, Snoop Dog, Bruno Mars

Say Yeah: JY ft. XV and Michael Charles


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