Dirty Beats

SO after a week a week of ‘Just The Tip’ where Na Palm released one song at a time… here is the full 23 track Mixtape titled ‘Dirty Girls Like Dirty Beats’.  With a titled like this one would assume a very high energy, party album with some very intersting beats, right?   This is what you get for the first 5 tracks, but then two of my favorite songs (Sober and Time To Rise) come up, and it really turns into a hip hop album.  Truthfully I was pretty disappointed when I first got this album… but after a few listens straight through (usually while driving…. defently more of an album to drive to) I am really starting to feel this album.  It has a nice James Blunt sample, a Daft Punk sample, and like promised by the title, some ‘dirty’ beats, such as in ‘Get It In’ and ‘Shit-Faced’ed’.  Most of these songs are pretty consistant when it comes to party beat=dumb lyrics, hip hop beat=thoughtful lyrics.. so be sure to keep that in mind when you give it a listen.  ha…. Below are a few of me and Zidneys fav songs.

Time to Rise


Get It In (ft Kendall)

Hear Them Calling (ft Lenny Hooks)



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