Dynamite Charlie

So today was an interesting day.. had to quickly evacuate working on a tower because of tornado warnings only to be done w/ work at 1:30.. so I’m in a good mood haha, especially when I get credit for working the whole day. Anyway, today I have 2 good songs, both real upbeat.. (had a chill mixtape but figured to save that for tomorrow).

You all probably recognize the first, Dynamite by Taio Cruz. This one is a remix, but not too major of one so it’s a lot like the original song. I tend to stay away from posting radio songs but I like the song in general so here’s the Stonebridge Remix.

The second song was just leaked and is called Charlie Brown, by Sonny of the Dean’s List. The Dean’s List is one of my favorite artists and has been featured all over this website, including most recently on my post with the Invigilators Mixtape. Really upbeat tempo and nothing too complex which I really like. This song actually also features The Inivigilators so they’re returning the favor for Sonny collaborating on their single “Education.”

Charlie Brown, Sonny (Dean’s List) ft. Invigilators

Dynamite (Stonebridge Remix) ,Taio Cruz


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