Mashup Monday

Yeah the mashups are back, but only because it’s Monday, so if you like’m rejoice, if not, too bad. Today we get a couple from popular artist “Mashup Germany” who brings us two songs “I love the way you mix” and “This aint a symphonie.”

The first, I love the way you lie, mixes fifteen(!!) artists, (albeit many briefly) for a great song. The main beat is Rihanna’s part to the eminem song “I love the way you lie,” which I love so I of course love this mash up. Despite having so many samples, the song doesn’t ever have that crowded feel to it. MG does a great job putting it all together and occasionally throwing in a random song that you haven’t heard in a while. Reallly well done, definitely a must download.

This aint a symphonie puts together a Dan Black/Cudi song, symphonies, with “this aint a love song” by scouting for girls, to make a good chill mashup.  Also recommend listening and downloading this song which you can do at the link below. Both of these are really good, which is what we’ve come to expect from mashup germany. If you’re really feeling Mashup Germany you can download his newest mashup mixtape, Recycling Revolution, at the link below. Enjoy!

Download: I love the way you mix

Download: I aint a symphonie

Download Recylcing Revolution


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