Mashup Friday: Mashin’ Pit

And here’s the end of the week (and the end of the Mash ups till Monday, at least from me) which one of the best mashup cds I’ve heard in a while. Almost every song is a great listen, and the last track, Cluster Cuss, is pretty crazy (25 minute mashup). There are a few places where it gets a little complicated for a second or two, but overall this is one of my favorite mashup cds since chrome kippur. DEFINITELY recommend downloading and listening to this. Some of my favorite tracks are: Somebody Loves You, I thought I Knew You, Swimming in Solace, and Touch the Ground. Enjoy!!!

DJ BAHLER – Mashin’ Pit


One response to “Mashup Friday: Mashin’ Pit

  1. This mashup album hits all the spots. I love that he used mostly non-rap vocals. I was reluctant to listen at first because nowadays anyone is slapping lil wayne and lil jon over grizzly bear trying to appeal to hipsters. But when you slap yeasayer onto passion pit you succeed.

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